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A big boy?

23 Jun

We’ve been in this house almost a week now. And life is looking good. The Turtle is even in a “big boy bed”. I We decided we were as well to put the crib back together as a toddler bed now as waiting a few months and doing it then. The words “as good a time as any” were uttered. The hubby was unsure. The Turtle likes to throw himself around the place with abandon when he’s sleeping you see. What if he fell out? The hubby is very protective, which can irk me a bit, as I think that’s my job, but I have to do the “He’ll be fine” line all the time. It kind of works out though, because I like to be right. And I was right. He was fine. The first night was a dream. No bother. The next day he played “sleeping”, discovering, in the process, that he can get in and out of the bed, no bother. THAT night was a nightmare. Four nights on and we’re going strong. Well, there was one little falling out of the bed incident, but he slept through the entire thing.

Now the question is whether or not to put the stair gates back up? He’s becoming quite proficient at going up and down under his own steam (while supervised, of course). Then again, he moves at the speed of light and could be up or down the stairs in a flash while I wasn’t looking. And I don’t want that.

When’s the “right” time to remove stair gates? After they leave home?

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