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My favourite project. In the history of the world. Ever.

19 Mar

The hubby is away. For what seems like for bloody ever.
I did think about getting the kids some Daddy dolls but, erm, I was completely disorganised and didn’t get any of the right kind of pictures. Then I saw some fabric you can print on at the craft shop. And bought it. I think I bought the wrong kind though. Because when I was ironing one to set the image, I spilled water on it and this happened:

So I had to head off to the craft shop again. And after some head scratching, it seems this is the answer:

Now, I won’t be able to wash them. But who needs to wash pillows you are giving to children. Bwahahahaha!
This one is going to the hubby. Once I can get a box together.
T’s has dinosaur train fabric on the back. A’s has bubble guppies. The hubby’s has both and is a cushion cover, because sending an entire cushion seems a bit mad.

Now I want to make a big pile of them and scatter them around the house. I may have to. They’re being loved to death!
I smell a Mother’s Day project coming on.

Baby makes

6 Jun

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Slightly obsessed with making baby things.
I can’t seem to help myself.

With the Turtle I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything (anything. At. All.) besides the absolute minimum needed for my hospital bag.

But making things is so much fun. Especially those pants by Rae. Even if  I initially got confused by which seam was which.

I have another week or so. How much more making can I fit in???

“Laundry” joy!

7 Feb

My laundry room is a dreary, dreary place. It was probably white once. Now, cream is a kind word for it. No windows. Clothes in varying states of cleanliness. And no matter how hard I try all of the random detritus from around the house somehow ends up on there.

There’s not much I can do with the colour/decor (we rent). And I have reorganised it to death to no avail. So time for some cheery craftiness!

Yes, my addiction to embroidering canvases continues. But this is the first one I designed myself super proud! And it may just highlight the creaminess of the walls in there, but it makes me smile.  Can you see the silver lining on the cloud? And the lost sock? Happy happy joy joy.

Right. I have more canvases. I’m off! 🙂

Making and Doing

18 Jan

I have decided that 2012 will be a year of crafting. I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with a finished project. But at the same time I seem to have an inability to keep my craft room clean enough to actually do anything. I keep buying more stuff. And hoarding old clothes for up/recycling. I am unsure where to draw the line. I saw something recently about having a “collection of thread too short to be useful.” While I am not quite that bad, it’s a close run thing.

Still, for the past couple of weeks I have been able to put my blinkers on when it comes to the mess and just gotten on with it. Pretending that it IS actually organised chaos (it’s not).  How do you not lose your transparent ruler every time you set it down? The hours I spent looking for the bloomin’ thing, well, it’s like a part-time job. Still, here are the things I achieved (beams proudly):

See, it’s Good Thing that I have been hoarding old clothes (can you tell that I have had this conversation with the Hubby already). I made a cape, and re sized a t-shirt for the Turtle. I obviously need all of the other bits and bobs currently littering the craft room floor. I might make something out of them. Someday.

The embroidery on canvas is my favourite. I’m trying not to cover the house with them. But I need to make more. Plans are afoot.

The pajamas were made for the Turtle. He saw the fabric and said “You need to make something for me with this”. Although, a shirt would have been better apparently. Still, he wore them to bed and refused to take them off all day yesterday. An order has been placed for a shirt. “The animal fabric will be fine.”

The cd visor yoke is not perfect (I doubt there’s a straight line of stitching in it), but it does the job. And it cheers up the car.

2012 will be a year of colour too.

And maybe organisation.

Christmas ornaments

6 Jan

I like the thought that even though our families are in far flung and disparate spots of the world, when we put our Christmas trees up we look at some of the same ornaments. So, I try to make some. Last year was a bit of a cop out – one of those mini frames with the Turtle in it. The year before was crocheted Santa, Rudolph and a Santa. Very cute, if I do say so myself.

This year I discovered the joy of felt. Ever so much easier. Especially with this super tutorial.

But, what good is one? Six is a good number for decorations, but I didn’t have the imagination, or the time. So I decided to match the previous set and make a Santa and a Rudolph.

The first poor Santa came out a bit gammy

His head is rather an odd shape and his beard is, well, I don’t know.

Take two looks like this:

I love the Rudolph buttons and the head isn’t half as odd when the hair  meets the hat. Still not sure on the beard. It’s a bit low. But cute nonetheless.

Rudolph was the easiest to manage. The only embellishments he needed were a nose and a mouth. Oh, and antlers. But at least adding the antlers meant I didn’t forget the ribbon. I cannot tell you how many times I forgot to add the ribbon and had to pull out the stitches for the snowman and the Santa.

I added some bells too. What’s a reindeer without bells?

I tried a Christmas tree too, but didn’t really like how it turned out.

It looks nicer in this picture than in real life.

Then I tried a gingerbread house, but I got a bit overwhelmed and gave up after cutting out the pieces. Maybe next year.

A Handmade Christmas

31 Dec

I love making things. I do. What I love even more is when you have not just an idea of what to make, but also someone you can give it to.  There’s nothing worse than spending hours slaving over something only to get a halfhearted thanks and have said item disappear forever into the abyss of unwanted gifts. So choosing what to make and who to make it for is a stumbling block in and of itself.

This year I decided to make presents for my Mother and sister (yes, the males in my family were almost completely neglected, but I honestly can’t think of presents I can make (easily) for a grown man. I just can’t).

For Mam I decided to make a cardigan. Well, I decided to make it for myself, then a few rows in I thought it would suit her better, so the rest of it was made with the intention of giving it to her. (Maybe that’s what I need to do, start making things, then decide who to give them to after I have started, hmmm).

When I tried it on, the Turtle said “I like your nice jumper Mama. You is look like Granny.” So perhaps I was right in thinking it was more her style than mine. It’s always nice to have these things confirmed by a three year old though 😉

The good news is that it fits! The sleeves are the right length. Not only that, they are (likely) of equal length too (unless Mam has one arm shorter than the other). So the gauge was ok and my confusion/frustration with the measuring tape was unwarranted. Whoop! I even blocked it. Not a normal occurrence in this house. And no mean feat. The en suite is full of carpet and the guest bathroom is too small. Add in someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing, and well, I’m lucky I didn’t flood the house or something. That’s the good thing about making things for other people, you go the extra mile and finish it according to the instructions, rather than throwing your hands in the air at the final step and saying “Sure, it’ll do!” and living forever with that wonky bit that drives you crazy!

The other good thing is that she loves it. There was a lot more enthusiasm for it than the usual shop bought tat that I usually send. She even  modeled it for me (webcam) and there was talk of handwashing it! (Unheard of in our house!) So I know she likes it!

For my sister I made a bag, from some jeans. Apparently this caused some confusion and she attempted to try them on?!? And a cowl/scarf. More confusion. She thought it was a shawl. To be fair, I think I cast on too many stitches, but not THAT many.

Still, it apparently caused a great deal of hilarity. So that’s something.

And so that the men weren’t entirely left out, I sent my sister’s step son this hat

I actually made it for the Turtle, but he already has a hat with earflaps – a $5 nasty acrylic Cookie Monster one – so he apparently doesn’t need any more. And well, it’s not cold enough for woolly hats here. But I defy you to look at this hat for more than five minutes without your hands starting to itch with the desire to make it. Go on. Make it! I need to find more people I can make it for.

What did you make?

Sofa deliciousness

12 Oct

I made new cushion covers for the sofa. I wish they were as colourful as those above.  How cool would that be? The Hubby would have a heart attack though. Still, I am slowly overcoming the preponderance of brown and navy that he, as a single man thought was the epitome of good taste. He is slowly coming around to the stripey/flowery colourfulness that I seem to be attracted to.

“Wow Mammy! Did you make it? I love it!”

9 Oct

A long, long time ago, I stumbled across this, the prettiest of quilts. And I thought “I could do that.” Then I re-evaluated my sewing skills, and came to my senses. Still, a small nugget of inspiration planted itself inside my brain. Then a couple of kite festivals came along, and “Woohoo! Kites! I can do a kite quilt”. Kites made out of old t-shirts. Awesomeness. But I didn’t want to buy any more fabric. I have, perhaps, a slight addiction to buying fabric, combined with a failure to actually use any of it. So, I picked out a blue jersey fabric (for the sky), then decided to stencil some clouds on it. As you do. There’s nothing like making work for yourself.

I measured the fabric, more or less, used one of the toddler bed sheets as a “template”. The problem was, it took me so long to make it that he had already moved into a bigger bed. So it’s not wide enough. Oh well.

The most frustrating thing was binding it. I had never bound anything before, so I may not have went about it quite right. I had to do it by hand because of a distinct lack of skill. It took aaaaaaages. And almost drove me to drink and despair.

Applique wasn’t exactly a picnic either.

But when he saw it? He said “Wow Mammy! Did you make it? I love it”

I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again.


My first handbag

28 Mar

The Hubby took the Turtle off on an adventure yesterday. So that I could get on top of things. Instead I started a new project, ignoring all of the chores and WIPs I have hanging around the place. And success!

Now the interfacing is a bit wonky. And I didn’t have enough of either material for the handles. Or the bow.  And the lining was a bit big. But it is pretty. I used remnants, and recycled one of the Hubby’s shirts for the lining, so it cost the grand total of $1.25.

The handbag addiction may be replaced by a making handbags addiction.


Sewing lessons

9 Feb


Broke out my poor neglected sewing machine this week. Baby shoes and a bib beckoned. Sadly, the will to make them properly was, well, missing. Lessons learned:

  • cut things out carefully. Try to cut so that things end up roughly the same size.
  • change the thread to match the fabric. Light yellow thread and dark green fabric? A big mess.
  • read instructions carefully. Otherwise you end up with your batting on the outside. And have to unpick the entire thing. Swearing the entire time.
  • when your ‘hook and loop tape’ says “unsuitable for fabric”, believe it. Don’t stick it on and attempt to sew through it.
  • when you do try to sew through 2 layers of ‘hook and loop tape’, 2 layers of fabric and a layer of batting, the needle will get stuck and glue will get all over the needle and you will end up with reams of thread and a sticky needle. A mess that you abandoned 2 days ago and haven’t cracked the door on since.
  • you don’t need two fasteners on a reversible bib. Which means the sticky needle was for nothing. Nothing!

Still though, cuteness! No?

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