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15 Aug

Does yours?

Mine doesn’t.

And I’m not entirely sure I want him to. Or even that he needs to. Is this really a life skill that everyone needs? Or that everyone needs when they are 2? Will he really be relying on me to read him stories and sing him songs when he’s in university if I don’t stop the madness tout suite? Will he heck as like. Somewhere in the next couple of years he’s going to kick me out and assert his independence. Say something like “I’m not a baby Mammy”. And he’ll read his own books and go to sleep by himself. What’s the rush?

I may be a “crutch” or something now, but I’d rather it be me than some lights and sounds show yoke. I mean, why do those things even exist if small children are meant to go to sleep by themselves? I know that I don’t lie down and go to sleep immediately. I read, I talk to the Hubby, I get up for a drink, lie down again, get up to go to the toilet, check the locks etc. Not all of them every night, but switching off is hard. And if it’s hard for me, it must be even harder for him. He’s learning so much every day, his little mind is humming so loudly you can almost hear it. He goes at full speed until he conks out. In the middle of “There’s a hole in the bucket”.

I like watching him wind down. I bring him up and we brush his teeth. Then we go into his room and he chooses a story. I used to just read one, but for sanity’s sake (mine) I have increased it to two. I like Curious George as much as the next person, but every night? So now it’s two. Then I turn out the light. He talks about what he did during the day and I tell him what we’ll do tomorrow. Sometimes we say “Goodnight” to everyone he knows, all of his trains and all of the animals I can think of. Then I ask him what song he would like. Usually it’s “Found a Peanut” or “There’s a hole in the bucket”, sometimes it’s the theme from Dinosaur train (just to give my brain a workout, Mother of God but I hate trying to sing that song).

He falls asleep while I sing.

Oftentimes he’ll sleep through the night. Sometimes not. When he does wake he sits up, rubbing his eyes, calling me. I lay him down again and he’s out.

No matter how he goes to sleep, I’m still going to go in and check on him when he wakes. That’s who I am.

I’m going to check on him even if he doesn’t wake up. That’s who I am.

And I’m going to sing him to sleep until he tells me otherwise. That’s who I am.

That’s what my mother did for me.

Thanks Mam, for making me who I am.

A big boy?

23 Jun

We’ve been in this house almost a week now. And life is looking good. The Turtle is even in a “big boy bed”. I We decided we were as well to put the crib back together as a toddler bed now as waiting a few months and doing it then. The words “as good a time as any” were uttered. The hubby was unsure. The Turtle likes to throw himself around the place with abandon when he’s sleeping you see. What if he fell out? The hubby is very protective, which can irk me a bit, as I think that’s my job, but I have to do the “He’ll be fine” line all the time. It kind of works out though, because I like to be right. And I was right. He was fine. The first night was a dream. No bother. The next day he played “sleeping”, discovering, in the process, that he can get in and out of the bed, no bother. THAT night was a nightmare. Four nights on and we’re going strong. Well, there was one little falling out of the bed incident, but he slept through the entire thing.

Now the question is whether or not to put the stair gates back up? He’s becoming quite proficient at going up and down under his own steam (while supervised, of course). Then again, he moves at the speed of light and could be up or down the stairs in a flash while I wasn’t looking. And I don’t want that.

When’s the “right” time to remove stair gates? After they leave home?


12 Feb

It has to be visited doesn’t it. That nightmare of parental subjects. We have actually been fairly blessed with the turtle. Then again, I did feed him to sleep until he stopped breastfeeding at 14 months. I still would if he hadn’t given up on me. After that, I rocked him to sleep in my arms and transferred him into the cot when he was asleep. It took a total of ten minutes and it was lovely to have him quiet and still in my arms at the end of the day, indeed, it was nice in the middle of the day too. Like a reconnect.

Then I transferred parental responsibility for night time to the hubby.Things went well. Then illness came to visit. So for the past couple of weeks (although it seems like much, much longer) the hubby has been using the TV to “wind down” the turtle – which actually means that he has been conking out in front of the TV and the hubby has been transferring him to his cot.  And this just seems wrong. So, so  wrong.

I was loathe to interfere. After all we’re both the turtle’s parents. He was doing what he thought best. But it couldn’t go on. Good sleep habits are an essential life skill. Zoning out in front of the TV is something must be discouraged. It meant too that he would wake up in the middle of the night . And come into our bed. Fine in and of itself, but with his tendency to sprawl out lengthways across the bed, he was the only one sleeping.

So a new regime has been installed. I have taken over bed time again. I put the turtle in his cot, read him a couple of stories, turn out the light and sing a lullaby or seven. And he falls asleep. We’re even doing it for nap times now too. And so far, so good. He seems to be associating his cot with sleep. He woke once last night, but settled himself.

One night of uninterrupted sleep and the world seems just a faint bit rosier.

Here’s hoping it continues! Even though if there is just one thing I have learned about this parenting mallarkey, it’s that as soon as I learn the rules, the goalposts are moved.


14 Aug

When you have a baby, no one warns you that your only topic of conversation for quite some time (not sure how long, as I’m still in the midst of it) will be sleep. “Does he sleep?” “Is he a good sleeper?” “How many hours sleep does he get a night?” And my all time favourite “Does he still wake up in the night?” The “still” is usually a bit incredulous, slightly manic. Of course he wakes up in the night. Still. I wake up in the night. Because I have to pee (getting old). Because I’m thirsty. Because I’m hot. Because I need to roll over.  I’m thirty years old and cannot sleep through the night (unless I have drink taken, still have to pee sometimes though). Why would my child have some kind of mystical powers (that I don’t have) that would allow him to sleep through the night? He wakes up. We all do. Now though, he’s learning to go back to sleep himself. Soon, I’ll be under the illusion that he sleeps through the night. He was always “a good sleeper”. But soon, when someone asks “Does he still wake up in the night?” I’ll be able to answer in the negative and pick up my Good Parent Badge – Sleep. Then my collection will be almost complete 😉


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